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Culture of Innovation

Building a culture of innovation can be a long and hard road, it can even lead you to think that its impossible with so many stumbling blocks, failed attempts and people identifying problems or ways it can’t work. Well in my limited experience so far, there are several things that I believe are important to building that culture, which do work,… Read more →

STOP! Don’t end up like your competitors…..

Build and be honest So, you’ve started a company and your focusing on functional capabilities with delivery excellence as your differentiator. STOP right now….this will take you nowhere. You will end up in the same place as your competitors, creating the same measures and in turn similar products and services. Try something different, trying building a solution through a focused selection of distinctive capabilities — things your… Read more →

Welcome to my network……..

The good old days.. In the good old days where organisations were built on hierarchies and fear, people understood that when they were in a room and the braces wearing boss Mr Simmons walked in, they bowed and dipped there heads muttering Sir after every word.  This massively predictable, yet strict business model, then rippled down the hierarchical chain where everyone… Read more →

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