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1 billion geotagged tweets

Since 2009, people or tweeters, have had the ability to #geotag tweets,  now 4 years on, 1 billion tweets have had the position stored, 1 billion – 140 chars – little bits of noise, all with a positions, circa. 470 a second! This visualisation shows just the extent and coverage this medium now has with the UK, from outer isles… Read more →

its all about me…. locational search

How many times each day do you use Google? It’s now a fact of life that we jump on search engines to support our day to day life, not just looking for the next t-shirt or booking a holiday, but everything from sorting arguments to spell checking.  Yet, what we don’t have is a way for companies and organisations to… Read more →

my grown-up tree house!

Remember that feeling of being a kid and building your first tree house with your mates.  Remember the rough, moss covered wood, bent nails, that “borrowed” hammer from the shed, a bag of sweets to keep you all going and a couple of days hard work.  Remember that feeling of success once you had finished! Remember standing back at the end… Read more →

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