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Culture of Innovation

Building a culture of innovation can be a long and hard road, it can even lead you to think that its impossible with so many stumbling blocks, failed attempts and people identifying problems or ways it can’t work. Well in my limited experience so far, there are several things that I believe are important to building that culture, which do work,… Read more →

open source GIS – the edit years….

The ability to edit features has for a long time been the reason people have moved towards the MapInfo and ESRI of the GIS world, without even a subtle glance towards Open Source, but recently this has been changing.  With the ever extending improvements within free GIS server architectures such as GeoServer, and advances in HTML5, JQuery and other javascript… Read more →

geeks on seats

Remember the days when big IT companies would battle to win large scale, long term contracts, involving the placement of 100’s of staff on customers sites, to deliver massive bespoke solutions. Well the new approach by the UK Government, driven by Government Digital Services (GDS), is to procure packaged services via the g-cloud. This has swung that focus! But lets looks from the… Read more →

1 billion geotagged tweets

Since 2009, people or tweeters, have had the ability to #geotag tweets,  now 4 years on, 1 billion tweets have had the position stored, 1 billion – 140 chars – little bits of noise, all with a positions, circa. 470 a second! This visualisation shows just the extent and coverage this medium now has with the UK, from outer isles… Read more →

its all about me…. locational search

How many times each day do you use Google? It’s now a fact of life that we jump on search engines to support our day to day life, not just looking for the next t-shirt or booking a holiday, but everything from sorting arguments to spell checking.  Yet, what we don’t have is a way for companies and organisations to… Read more →


MapBox is a platform for designing and publishing fast custom styled maps.  This platform provides fast, effective .js files, based on leaflet – an open source mapping library, which can allows developers to quickly port Open Layers of Google Maps directly onto most HTML5 compliant browsers.  This combined with the ability to consume your own data directly from TillMill brings… Read more →

my grown-up tree house!

Remember that feeling of being a kid and building your first tree house with your mates.  Remember the rough, moss covered wood, bent nails, that “borrowed” hammer from the shed, a bag of sweets to keep you all going and a couple of days hard work.  Remember that feeling of success once you had finished! Remember standing back at the end… Read more →

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