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STOP! Don’t end up like your competitors…..

Build and be honest So, you’ve started a company and your focusing on functional capabilities with delivery excellence as your differentiator. STOP right now….this will take you nowhere. You will end up in the same place as your competitors, creating the same measures and in turn similar products and services. Try something different, trying building a solution through a focused selection of distinctive capabilities — things your… Read more →

Digital DNA – Where is dolly when you need her?

Getting a company to become “Digital” is currently the most prized performance enhancement available.  But how do you find the right people? What is the DNA you should be looking for? How many should you look for?  All questions CEOs and CDOs are asking this very moment.  But lets looks at it from a different angle, and before we decide who… Read more →

Bluetooth Digital Technology – Brand loyalty = Easy Life

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth Smart radio signals are part of the new Bluetooth 4.0 specification which enables app developers to kick your mobile phone into life and respond to requests and actions. This power saving device can sit in any location and emits a small Bluetooth signal which can be analysed by mobile devices to determine… Read more →

The Digital Divide…

With the increased focus on Digital Technology and the UK Governments service strategy being “digital by default”, are we heading into a digital divide within the UK? So, what is a digital divide? Well, if I changed the text to say social divide you would instantly understand what I was talking about, except here, we are looking at who is… Read more →

Welcome to my network……..

The good old days.. In the good old days where organisations were built on hierarchies and fear, people understood that when they were in a room and the braces wearing boss Mr Simmons walked in, they bowed and dipped there heads muttering Sir after every word.  This massively predictable, yet strict business model, then rippled down the hierarchical chain where everyone… Read more →

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