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How many times each day do you use Google?

It’s now a fact of life that we jump on search engines to support our day to day life, not just looking for the next t-shirt or booking a holiday, but everything from sorting arguments to spell checking.  Yet, what we don’t have is a way for companies and organisations to have there mass of internal information and collateral searchable.

I’ll put money on the table that your company has a “go to” person, who gets a ton of questions, day in, day out.

I’ll also take it a little further by saying that your organisation probably does have a search tool, yet you still can’t find anything, and ask the same person!

This is a problem that faces everyone, and it’s not just about being able to search the data, it’s about making sure that the data meets your needs.  Again, with augment resolution or spell checking, nearly every time you’ll find the answer on page 1 or 2  of Google – so why don’t company searches cut it?

Following on from our hackathon the other week got me thinking….. (it happens)

The reason we have to ask the same old person every time is local knowledge.  Our company search does return all the right results in the right amount of time, they just aren’t right to you.

So why is Google right I hear you ask? Well, generally your not asking it to solve the argument about collateral for the name of a company you can’t remember down in deepest Sussex, your asking about famous events that are all over the internet or within movies.  This is where locational based search comes into it’s own.

If, you could ask your search to “give me all the documents that relate to a certain area of the country” or “where is the nearest printer”, then the search would become personal, content would become meaningful, and the poor old “go to” person could actually enjoy there next coffee……..

The great thing is, it can be done! Contact Us 

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