1 billion geotagged tweets

Twitter Visualisation

Every dot a Tweet, increased color for Tweet count.

Since 2009, people or tweeters, have had the ability to #geotag tweets,  now 4 years on, 1 billion tweets have had the position stored, 1 billion – 140 chars – little bits of noise, all with a positions, circa. 470 a second!

This visualisation shows just the extent and coverage this medium now has with the UK, from outer isles to obvious ferry crossings (I hope its not air!), you can see where twitter is now used. Remember, this is just from the small percentage of people who actually #geotag there tweets, there are still a large portion who find the location element of what they have to say a little daunting, as if you are no longer just a protected soapbox.

From a country point of view, we have to ask if the less “tweeted” area or purely down to reduced numbers of tweeters or does this map actually highlight the problems with our mobile network and inability to get connected? #mobilenetworkfail

Still, looks cool……… now off to enable location on my twitter……



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